Urban building demolition projects demand complex scheduling, cost control and community relations. CDI understands the many issues facing property owners and contractors on urban development projects and has the experience to make a positive impact on any number of fronts.

Where construction and space allow, CDI’s implosion techniques can fell existing structures to permit site turnaround in weeks instead of months, the shortened duration of noise, dust and traffic congestion offered by CDI’s operations also promote positive community relations on the front end of a project that can be carried through the rest of the development for the benefit of the developer or owner.

Drawing on a vast implosion database for all types of structures, under varied urban environments and geotechnical conditions, the CDI team can safely streamline a project with efficient, engineered solutions that mitigate the impact of site clearance on the surrounding community, within budget and schedule requirements.

Watch below for more CDI Building implosions:

Project: One James River Plaza
Date: 05.03.2020

CDI performed the explosives felling of the 28-story, 571,000 sq ft One James River Plaza office building, standing 340’ tall, above the slab on grade, on Saturday, May 30, 2020.

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Project: Martin Tower
Date: 05.19.2019

Former Headquarters of Bethlehem Steel

CDI performed the explosives felling of one (1), 21-story, 332’ tall, 567,000 sq ft structural steel office tower (former Bethlehem Steel headquarters) in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Sunday, May 19, 2019.

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Project: The Landmark Hotel

The End of an Era

CDI performed the explosives felling of the 31-story (356’ tall), reinforced concrete hotel tower in Las Vegas, Nevada 5:37 AM on Tuesday, November 7, 1995. CDI worked closely with Warner Bros. Studios, Director Tim Burton and their special effects team to coordinate the implosion with their filming operations for the major motion picture “Mars Attacks!”

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