Structural Effects & Film Library

Motion Pictures

CDI has worked with Hollywood for decades to develop the proprietary Structural Effects technique which achieves a realism that just can’t be achieved with computer generated imagery (CGI). CDI’s work can be found in films such as Atlantic City, Telefon, Wolfen, Child’s Play, City Killer, Lethal Weapon 3, Demolition Man, Mars Attacks!, Enemy of the State and Batman: The Dark Knight.

Location Search Services

CDI has the domestic and international contacts in the real estate, construction and demolition industries to help you find the perfect structure for your motion picture, short film or commercial. Whatever type of building, bridge, chimney or industrial structure your script calls for, we can help you find the perfect match. CDI can help negotiate the best terms for use of locations without compromising the flexibility that producers and directors need to mitigate on-location costs.

Public Relations Events

CDI coordinates implosion operations with government municipalities and private sector owners who wish to make the most of public relations opportunities arising out of CDI’s dramatic implosion operations. A few of the events choreographed by CDI are the Grand Opening of Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada; Independence Day Celebration in Skruknda, Lativa; New Year’s Eve Celebration at the Holiday Inn in West Palm Beach, Florida; New Years Eve celebration with the implosion of the Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas; and the National Disarmament Celebration in Budapest, Hungary, staged for the United Nations.

Stock Film, Video, and Photographs

CDI has an extensive library of 35 mm transparencies, film, Beta SP and digital video of its international demolition operations. Select from thousands of professional visual images to meet your entertainment or marketing needs.