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When 99% Is Not Enough

EXPLORING THE GAP BETWEEN CONFIDENCE AND CERTAINTY In the world of financial engineering, risk measures are used to estimate the probabilities of unexpected outcomes. VaR is commonly utilized to calculate the worst loss an institution...

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Cooling Tower Demolished in SRS Footprint Reduction

-Original article in the Aiken Standard- In a matter of seconds, a $90 million structure that took three years to complete was reduced to millions of pounds of rubble as the cooling tower at Savannah...

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Alaskan Tower Demolition Starts LORAN System Decommissioning

Original article with photos can be found by clicking here. CDI's video angles can be found on our YouTube Channel. With cracks as sharp as the frozen Arctic air, a 1,357-ft steel communications tower in...

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Mark Loizeaux named as Top 25 Newsmaker of 2009 by Engineering News Record

Original article with photos can be found by clicking hereFollow-on article detailing ENR’s selection of Mark Loizeaux can be found by clicking here The Top 25 Newsmakers of 2009 Many people serve to improve the...

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Faulty Tower’s Implosion Will Set New Height Record

By Nadine M. Post, for Engineering News Record November 25, 2009 Original article with photos can be found by clicking here The specific date in December for the implosion of the faulty, 376-ft-tall condominium tower...

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CDI Launches YouTube Channel

"The Art of Implosion" - A graphically beautiful and technically challenging industry. It’s no surprise to us that we receive numerous requests for video footage each day from students of all ages and ‘fans of...

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The Science of Sinking the Vandenberg

Link to original article with photos can be found by clicking here. On the surface, it sounds like a simple plan. Each of 42 charges totaling 179 pounds of explosive material will create 3 million...

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Facing the challenge – CDI brings down RCA Dome with a bang

Original article with photos and video can be found by clicking here. Controlled Demolition Inc used 272 kg (600 lb) of explosives, placed as 875 individual sequenced charges, to bring down the former home of...

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