CDI Launches YouTube Channel

“The Art of Implosion” – A graphically beautiful and technically challenging industry. It’s no surprise to us that we receive numerous requests for video footage each day from students of all ages and ‘fans of the industry’ from all over the world.

For this reason, we’ve decided to launch our own channel on YouTube. Each and every project CDI performs (and as is documented via video by our sister company, The Loizeaux Group, LLC) will be catalogued here in video segments containing one or more angles of each demolition project. In the information block for each video segment, we will also include general details about the project such as name, location, brief structural information, date and time performed as well as who CDI was contracted by for the work.

Be sure to click on the ‘Subscribe’ button to be notified when new video projects are added.

Our sincere thanks to all for your continued interest in our work. We hope you enjoy watching!

Click here for CDI’s YouTube Channel