Fire Damaged Structures

If a building is damaged by fire the impacts of high temperatures can ruin foundational structure. CDI can draw on its unparalleled progressive failure database and professional, third-party structural consultants to work with governmental agencies, property owners and contractors in stabilizing dynamic conditions, setting the stage for subsequent forensic investigation into the cause of the collapse, and emergency demolition operations as may be needed.

Cuneo Press Building Chicago, Illinois

The Cuneo Press Buildings stood vacant for years as the City of Chicago tried to redefine the redevelopment of the City’s industrial complex. An intermittent owner stored used tire casings in two of the structures. A fire developed, causing major structural damage, not only resulting in the condemnation of the 8-story structures, but causing the City to declare them “out of bounds” due to the extreme impact of high temperatures and partial failure of one of the buildings’ structural system.

Under extreme political constraints and critical deadlines, CDI was selected by the City of Chicago to work with a local demolition contractor to fell the fire damaged structures so the site could then be cleared. In a fast track operation that involved the participation of a multitude of city agencies walking the edge of their specific mandates, we were able to prepare and fell the structures with absolute safety to adjacent interstate routes, rail lines, city streets and river retaining walls which were already vulnerable because of pre-existing damage.

Project: Ocean Tower
Date: 12.13.2009

Construction Failure - South Padre Island, TX

CDI, acting as Prime Demolition Contractor to the Property Owner, Ocean Tower, L.P. of Mission, Texas, performs the successful explosives felling of the 379 foot-9 inch tall, reinforced concrete Ocean Tower Condominium in South Padre Island, Texas at 9:00 AM on Sunday, December 13, 2009

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