Weapons Elimination


CDI’s missile-handling team was mobilized to Iraq in June of 2003 and remained in-country until December of 2003 to provide diverse expertise in missile disposition and support for defueling and elimination, including solid and liquid fuel missile configurations.
DTRA, RTSC and other military groups were responsible for the characterization of missile system components encountered by US ground forces and the ultimate safe transport of same to designated USG transfer or elimination facilities.

CDI developed detailed, site-specific procedures and remained on-call for field services, as required by the government and RTSC, for the defueling, disabling or elimination of missiles, missile components and fuels in a safe, environmentally sound manner and in compliance with environmental standards provided by the Government.

CDI’s missile team worked with RTSC to ensure that comprehensive inventory and recordkeeping was conducted for all systems during the storage and disposition processes and safe defueling, containerizing, transport and handling of missiles, fuels and missile components until handed off to the designated USG transfer facility for subsequent handling by other DOD contractors or personnel.

As part of CDI’s services, CDI was to procure specialty equipment to support the missile disposition mission provided by RTSC.