Three Rivers Stadium

Three Rivers Stadium – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
A 59,000 seat, reinforced concrete sports arena with external stairwells/ramps.

When the Sports & Exhibition Authority (SEA) of Pittsburgh (owner of the News Steelers Stadium) decided to replace the outmoded Three Rivers Stadium, they were faced with some difficult obstacles: there was only 80’ of clearance between the old and new stadium and their demolition schedule called for the razing and removal of over 100,000 cubic yards of debris in less than 90 days so that the new Steelers Stadium complex could be completed for the upcoming football season.


During an extensive prequalification and bidding process, the SEA ultimately retained the services of Bianchi-Trison Corporation (BTC) of Syracuse, New York to perform the asbestos abatement, demolition, and subsequent debris removal of the Three Rivers Stadium. BTC retained the services of CDI to perform the explosives felling of the stadium as they felt that a conventional demolition approach could not be performed within the very compressed time frame allowed for the complete removal of the structure.


Working nearly around the clock, BTC helped prepare the stadium in accordance with CDI’s preparation plan. CDI drilled over 2,500 holes into the massively reinforced concrete columns on the lower 5 levels of the structure. To break the arch effect and avoid damage to the new stadium complex, the circular structure was segmented into twelve (12) pie-shaped segments.


CDI loaded over 4,800 lb. of gelatin dynamite to fell the structure to a level reachable by BTC’s equipment on site. edges in an outward direction, while bringing the remaining nine (9) segments inward, toward the center of the stadium floor. The result was a well-fragmented debris pile and no apparent damage to the new stadium’s 100’ tall glass curtain wall which faced the Three Rivers Stadium.

Click HERE to watch the Three Rivers Stadium implosion.