Sunrise Cooperative Headhouse

CDI, acting as Explosives Subcontractor to Main Demolition Contractor, North American Dismantling Corp. (NADC) of Lapeer, Michigan, performed the preparation for and successful explosives felling of a 233’ tall, reinforced concrete headhouse in Sidney, Ohio, under NADC’s contract with the property owner, at 10:00 AM on Saturday, April 10, 2021. During NADC’s conventional demolition of the silo banks west of the headhouse, they discovered that there was far less reinforcing in the structure than anticipated and the concrete was of very low psi strength. They called these factors to CDI’s attention and CDI visited the site to observe actual conditions in the silos being demolished. That site review called CDI to modify its preparation of and felling plan for the headhouse structure, rotating it further and more quickly than was originally envisioned. CDI’s revised implosion plan successfully moved the center of gravity of both the lower and upper portions of the headhouse in front of the “tipping point” for continuity of rotation of the full structure in the direction of fall, to the west. There was no damage to or unplanned interruption of main line rail service, 90’ north of the headhouse or to grain handling facilities immediately adjacent to the structure felled by CDI.