Chemical Weapons Facility Elimination

The destruction of this facility, located in Bosnia, was one of many contracts CDI performed for the United States Department of State Non-Proliferation & Disarmament Fund


CDI’s team developed a detailed destruction and documentation plan for implementation in the field in accordance with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and applicable convention requirements.

CDI mobilized its personnel and specialty equipment to the site and contracted, to the greatest extent possible, with local contractors to carry out the destruction of underground bunkers, fabrication facilities, production buildings, storage facilities, tanks, heat exchangers, separators and other chemical weapons production-related equipment that remained on site after removal of much of the more specialized equipment by Serbian forces as they exited Bosnia (Note: CDI destroyed that specialty chemical weapons equipment under a separate contract with the US Department of State, including the neutralization of residual chemicals left in some of the vessels on site).
As part of CDI’s scope of work, the footprint of the facility was graded and restored to the extent necessary to promote agricultural use of the land.
CDI coordinated its operations with the Host Government, the Host military and the OPCW Technical Secretariat Inspectors. CDI compiled all documents, still and video documentation of the destruction in order to satisfy the requirements of the OPCW and implement the agreement between the Governments of Bosnia and the United States.