Charles P. Crane Generating Station

The Charles P. Crane (CP Crane) Generating Station in Middle River, Maryland was shut down in 2018 after providing power to Maryland residents since 1961. The site was purchased by Forsite Development, Inc. and their project specific development entity, Bowleys Quarters Investments, awarded the remediation and demolition of existing structures to Control Services (CS) of Freehold, New Jersey. CS, in turn, retained Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI), to design and perform the energetic felling of two boilers, two 302′ tall steel stacks/support structures, one blower structure, one precipitator, and one duct support structure in a single event to mitigate impact on neighboring communities.

Once environmental remediation was complete, CDI worked with CS, to get all structures prepared for the implosion event which was performed at 8:00 AM on August 19, 2022. Care was taken to perform the demolition at a time when local meteorological conditions would have minimal impact on the adjacent communities.

CS performed independent third-party dust monitoring around the perimeter of this site from the start of its operations and increased that monitoring the morning the structures were felled. Seismographs were placed around the site and in adjacent communities to document vibration and peak air overpressure from the explosives felling of the 26,000 metric tons of steel being brought to grade.

Lineal shaped charges were placed in 688 locations with a total net explosives weight of 586 lb and a non-electric initiation system ensured the sequential elimination of supports under each separate structure to bring them down without conflicting with one another.

The project went off on schedule, with the support of local land and marine based regulatory agencies. The structures were felled exactly per plan, no property damage was reported, or complaints lodged by adjacent property owners. Vibration and peak air overpressure monitored were well below regulatory guidelines.

Control Services, the Main Demolition Contractor, expects it will take six months to salvage/recycle the debris and clear the site for future development by Bowleys Quarters Investments.