Carmichael Towers 1 & 2 Vanderbilt University

Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) felled Carmichael Dormitory #3 in July of 2019. Dormitories #1 and #2 were to be imploded in July of 2020, but COVID complications at the University delayed the implosion until 2021. In the interim, the General Contractor, Layton Construction, substantially completed construction of a new dormitory structure just west of Carmichael #2. Carmichael #1 was compromised on the south by Bellevue Hall, the oldest structure on the Vanderbilt Campus, just 17’ from the 15-story dormitory being felled by CDI. On the east, Carmichael #1 flanked Vanderbilt’s Admissions Building and West End Avenue passed by both dormitories just 30’ from the north face of those structures. CDI acted as Explosives Subcontractor to Main Environmental and Demolition Contractor, Demo Plus of Nashville, Tennessee and Katmai Government Services of Smyrna, Tennessee, who partnered with Demo Plus (the Contractor for whom CDI felled Carmichael #3 Tower) for the second Carmichael dormitory demolition phase. CDI designed protective measures which Katmai/Demo Plus installed adjacent to historic Bellevue Hall to protect it against air and small debris rushing out of the dormitory as it collapsed to the west. Other adjacent improvements were also protected. CDI successfully imploded the two (2), reinforced concrete dormitories in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, July 31, 2021, without damage to Bellevue while keeping the well-fragmented debris within the demolition site to facilitate it’s fast-track, post-implosion removal. Implosion dust was cleaned up within three (3) hours and the adjacent hotel and restaurants were able to open shortly thereafter.