21 Wind Turbines

The General Contractor and the Main Demolition Contractor (Central Surplus) contacted Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) in August of 2021, to assist them with the fast-track felling of twenty-one (21), 3 MW Wind Turbines that were being retired and decommissioned in west central Texas. Upon Notice to Proceed, CDI immediately began to fabricate the specialty explosives needed to match the shell thickness and radius of these Units. Once the Wind Farm Owner deenergized the Units and oils were completely removed, CDI mobilized to the site and worked quickly with Central Surplus to pre-prepare the Wind Turbine Units in consideration of their 105-meter (345’) hub height and the forecast windspeed and direction, so that CDI’s felling crew could move quickly to take advantage of favorable winds for felling specific Units throughout the Wind Farm. CDI laid out and monitored preparations for a week before mobilizing CDI’s explosives crew to fell all twenty-one (21) Units over a 2-day period. The Main Demolition Contractor will remove debris from the felled structures, recycling as much material as possible, before restoring the site for return to the wind farm Owner’s control.