About Us

About Us

A two thousand ton skyscraper collapses like a house of cards, crumbling in on itself  - a waterfall of well-fractured steel and concrete debris. It lasts only seconds, and buildings within a few meters stand untouched. The very essence of Controlled Demolition, Inc. is in our name: CONTROL.

founder.jpgCDI demolishes structures with the kind of precision and planning usually associated with their creation.

Each project is handled by a world-renowned team of experts drawing on backgrounds in environmental remediation, engineering, dismantling, traditional demolition, explosives, material handling and the latest technology to guarantee complete predictability.

Controlled Demolition, Inc.  has the technical expertise and track record to take on projects of any magnitude.

This experience is used to select precisely the best equipment, materials, and methods for every project, and the best strategic communication plan to ensure acceptance by community groups and regulatory agencies. In an industry where experience is everything, CDI stands alone in its pioneering vision, innovative spirit, and decades of leadership.

CDI is a proud member of the following associations:

National Demolition Association
International Society of Explosives Engineers
Institute of Explosives Engineers
European Demolition Association