Wind Turbine Farm – Colorado

The explosives felling of 22 MICON Wind Turbines and 15 VESTAS-47 Wind Turbines.


CDI acted as Explosives Subcontractor to perform the design for and explosives felling of 37 wind turbines at a Wind Farm in Colorado for NorthStar Demolition and Remediation, Inc. of Denver, Colorado, USA.

Once the wind farm Owner deenergized the site and completed removal of oils and other environmental operations, NorthStar was contracted to remove fifteen (15), VESTAS V-47 wind turbines with an overall blade tip height of 290’ and twenty-two (22), MICON M1800 wind turbines with an overall blade tip height of 259’.

After NorthStar salvaged reusable Vestas blades under an agreement with Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), CDI energetically felled the 37 units on a phased basis over nine (9) working days to maintain aircraft warning lights on outlying structures until all were down. A combination of linear shaped charges and conventional explosives were used to fell the units, full height, exactly as planned, in directions that would minimize the surface area impacted by NorthStar’s fast-track debris removal operations. There was no damage to adjacent above or below-grade facilities to remain or injury to livestock grazing in the area.

The Wind Farm Owner will restore the ranchland to its pre-wind-farm state before returning the property to the landowners.