Florida Power & Light – Riviera Beach Unit #2

Riviera Beach, Florida USA


Florida Power & Light (FP&L) awarded CDI this contract for document preparation, demolition, and design-build operations for site restoration at the Riviera Beach Plant.

Document preparation included creation of specifications, plans and engineering for the complete, fast-track, demolition of the 70,000-kilowatt generating facility and for the design/fabrication and installation of new access bridges, walkways, railings, and stairways.

The removal of the steam turbine generator, stator, turbine assembly and auxiliaries, boiler feed pumps, condenser, condensate pumps, pump intake structure and all associated piping and conduit had to be conducted within ten (10) feet of an operational switchyard. CDI coordinated its operations with FP&L’s asbestos abatement subcontractor, dismantling the turbine generating set on a staged basis, to permit abatement operations as work progressed. The contract also called for the design and installation of permanent structural concrete caps for the circulating water lines at and below grade.

As part of site restoration, CDI also closed openings into the adjacent 3-story service building, and carefully separated structures being demolished from the adjacent Unit #3, which was generating power at the time. Control of the frequency and displacement of vibration from demolition operations was paramount so as not to trip Unit #3 off-line. CDI worked closely with FP&L to segregate and selectively remove individual control cables for Unit #2 from live cables in trays to remain in service to the other generator units.

CDI’s work was completed on a fast track basis, ahead of schedule, and in complete accordance with FP&L’s Procurement and Safety Policies. The work was completed without a lost-time injury and to the complete satisfaction of the client.