Services: Offshore

Services: Offshore

Abkantun 91 Platform Removal
Gulf of Mexico

Offshore facilities have been removed for decades as oil reserves have diminished and various structures' usefulness has expired. Since 1963, Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI) has worked closely with owners, consultants and marine contractors toward the removal and salvage of offshore structures and vessel salvage, specializing in handling emergency situations that called for explosives expertise under difficult conditions. Controlled Demolition Incorporated has extensive background in minimizing the impact of operations on aquatic life and water quality, as well as cutting-edge technology in the precision application of explosives to assist in offshore dismantling and salvage. Controlled Demolition Incorporated is a natural choice for dealing with complex political, structural, site and environmental circumstances in an industry which does not permit a second chance.

"…CDI has done a brilliant job…The City authorities and most of all, Coconal, recognize it. The demolition of the burning oil derrick ‘Abkantun 91,’ 90 kilometers from the shores of Campeche, was beautifully executed…"

Enrique Lona Valenzuela, Engineer
Coconal (Prime Contractor to PEMEX)

US Airforce Texas Tower
Boston, Massachusetts

When the U.S. Airforce decommissioned its "Texas Tower" radar platform 140 miles off the coast of Massachusetts in 1963, Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI) was called in to handle the explosives segmentation of the topsides and ocean floor severance of the legs of the tripod structure. In an offshore removal project that pre-dated most platform removals worldwide, Controlled Demolition Incorporated used a combination of bulk and carefully shaped explosive charges to cut the superstructure free from its support legs and sever the three (3), 10 foot diameter, concrete-filled steel jackets at the ocean floor, 180 feet below. In spite of delays caused by 40 foot seas driven by 70 mph residual winds from Hurricane Hazel, the project was safely completed on time, with no delay charges for marine equipment and support vessels attending the operation.