Services: Industrial Structures

Services: Industrial Structures

Controlled Demolition Incorporated's (CDI's) personnel work closely with plant managers, production supervisors and safety officers to coordinate preparation and demolition operations with work shifts and delivery schedules. Safety of operations and maintenance of production capacity are the engines that drive Controlled Demolition Incorporated's services to the industrial sector.

US Steel Plant
Youngstown, Ohio

Whether working in heavy or light manufacturing areas for the petrochemical, metal, power generation or automotive industries, Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s implosion capabilities and DREXS (Directional Remote Explosive Severance) System facilitate the demolition or dismantling of all types of steel and concrete facilities to provide the safe, expeditious and cost-effective removal of industrial structures.

Four (4), 3,000 ton blast furnaces fell to Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s expertise at the US Steel Plant in Youngstown, Ohio to clear the land for future development. In all, Controlled Demolition Incorporated has felled 32 blast furnaces and hundreds of stoves, stacks and other steel mill structures across the United States as the US industry revamps for the 21st Century. Controlled Demolition Incorporated also serves contractors and owners in dozens of other industries in their plant modernization programs.

Fermco Plant #4
Fernald, Ohio

Fiscal constraints imposed by the US Government have forced Federal Agencies to search for ways to downsize and cut costs. Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear Decommissioning and Dismantling budgets were already strained by the incredible expense and schedule delays required to guarantee worker and environmental safety during removal of structures at nuclear sites nationwide.

On one of several nuclear projects completed by CDI, Babcock and Wilcox Nuclear Environmental Services, Inc. (B&W) of Lynchburg, Virginia brought Controlled Demolition Incorporated to Fernald, Ohio to take advantage of the benefits of Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s DREXS (Directional Remote Explosive Severance) System to improve the productivity of it's dismantling crews. By B&W’s estimate, Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s operations reduced the cost of demolishing Plant #4 by 30%, reduced fall risk to workers by 90%, and reduced potential exposure time to adjacent communities and the environment by 50%.