Services: Forensic Investigation

Services: Forensic Investigation

Explosions can be caused by gas, dust, and other sources which defy purely mathematical analysis. The Loizeaux Group, LLC's (TLG’s) unique blend of 52 years of field experience with forensic, explosive and structural analysis allows us to start with the aftermath and work backwards toward the cause of industrial and social tragedies.

With cross capabilities in the preservation of evidence and experience in OSHA-mandated investigations, TLG can provide the technical expertise to protect evidence, gather relevant data and position the parties to respond to the inquires which follow accidents in the work place. Reference the Phillips Petroleum Plant explosion.

Whether responding under OSHA or health and safety investigations to industrial explosions, investigative requests of insurers regarding bombings or accidental detonation of explosive products, TLG has the expertise to derive the best possible data from each and every scene.

Blasting Claims
Commercial application of explosives worldwide consumes hundreds of thousand tons of explosives, annually. From time to time, controversy arises between quarry operators, commercial blasters and adjacent commercial or private property owners. TLG has the technical understanding of explosives, field operations and the response frequency of structures to clearly define the parameters of guilt, or innocence, in a given scenario.

TLG specialists have served the insurance and legal professions by investigating hundreds of claims against commercial users of explosives for claims of damage from blasting vibrations. Using years of experience in the field and the data available, whether from witnesses, recorded data and logs, physical evidence of blast effects, or the lack of such evidence, TLG personnel seek to form firm, supportable, impartial conclusions, as to the responsibility for claimed effects. Our reputation for impartiality serves to support our conclusions and gives clear direction to claims personnel in their task of evaluating settlements or the denial of claims, and gives attorneys a clear concept of the strengths or weaknesses of their position.

TLG has its own inventory of blast recording devices (seismographs) and TLG specialists are recognized experts in their operation, analysis, and interpretation. Our personnel are intimately familiar, though not in lockstep, with, the literature developed by the United States Bureau of Mines and others in the field of blast vibration analysis. Their training, experience, and ability to communicate, including the preparation of understandable and persuasive exhibits, make them a valuable asset if it becomes necessary to turn from mediation to legal proceedings for adjudication.

Structural Failures
Controlled Demolition, Inc.’s (CDI's) international network is prepared to move swiftly to support TLG's response to analysis of structural collapse emergencies, worldwide. Regardless of the cause of collapse, TLG can draw on CDI's unparalleled database and skilled professionals in structural, strength of materials and design fields to work with local authorities and contractors in stabilizing dynamic conditions and setting the stage for subsequent forensic analysis of the collapse. Reference the Sheikh Al Alakl Center collapse, and the Commonwealth Avenue collapse.

Crime Scenes Involving Explosives
TLG has long term experience in dealing with forensic investigations and criminal cases associated with explosives. Professional management of evidence, security clearances ensuring confidentiality of operations and professional integrity stand behind TLG’s ability to respond for either the plaintiff or the defendant in a broad spectrum of cases. Reference the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.