Services: Consulting Services

Services: Consulting Services

Expert Testimony
The Loizeaux Group, LLC (TLG) has expertise in a wide range of demolition, explosion and explosives-associated technology. This includes explosive processes and their direct and collateral effects of blast vibration, fly of projectiles and overpressure whether the source of the explosion is accidental, criminal, or a conventional industrial use. To date our personnel have conducted investigations involving commercial explosives, terrorist devices, commercial gas, and industrial accidents involving dusts, hot metals, and combustion processes.

TLG has its own inventory of blast recording devices and our personnel are recognized experts in their operation, analysis, and interpretation.

Their training and experience gives these experts the ability to investigate circumstances of explosions or explosive use and explain the complex processes and their conclusions in terms that are understandable to the ordinary juror. We have the skills to prepare understandable and persuasive exhibits depicting either circumstances or opinion.

TLG in the United States, and Demo Consult, Ltd. out of London provide consulting services geared toward promotion of the safe, successful and cost effective completion of site clearance operations for clients worldwide. With experience in environmental remediation, seismic services, demolition operations, rock removal and program management, TLG and Demo Consult provide unmatched consulting and management services to meet the needs of the most discerning clients.

Precision Rock Removal
Removal of rock adjacent to critical operations or activities requires more than a competent blasting contractor or consultant. More often than not, delicate blasting operations call for vibration control management rather than excavation productivity. Whether explosives or mechanical methods are best-suited for the task at hand, TLG’s team of professionals can assess the sensitivity of adjacent improvements/operations, identify the best means of removing the rock without exceeding critical vibration thresholds, and manage the operation in the field to ensure faithful compliance with design criterion.

Blasting & Vibration Control
TLG and our associates. have experienced vibration control specialists to assess potential exposure and vibration damage on consulting projects. With institutional ties to leading seismic instrument manufacturers like Instantel™, TLG and Demo Consult provide the expertise and instrumentation necessary to ensure the most definitive monitoring and blast design services available anywhere.

Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s (CDI's) international experience with products of the world’s explosives manufacturers, and the paralleled knowledge of the intentional inducement of progressive collapse, positions our groups perfectly to assess the risk of terrorists activities adjacent to existing structures. Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s in-house explosive and anti-terrorist database provides information necessary to respond to questions raised by the most discerning of clients on an absolutely confidential basis.

Blast-Resistant Design
Who is better qualified to assist in the design of structures or facilities which will resist progressive failure or structural damage due to explosive detonation than a company who has built a 52 year, international database on the intentional precipitation of progressive failure.

As an engineering company, TLG is uniquely positioned to use its historic experience and structural capabilities to work closely with architects and engineers to create industrial or commercial structural systems, select construction media and design site configurations to minimize, if not preclude, the access to, much less disruption of, structural configurations which would permit progressive failure of critical structural systems.

It was precisely TLG's background which brought the American Concrete Institute to our group for opinions as to the blast-resistance of concrete systems on a generic basis and the General Services Administration (GSA) to TLG for critical assessment of site-specific structural stability of the bomb-damaged Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, after the terrorist attack.

TLG has served major financial and corporate institutions in their risk-management approach toward mitigating the possible impact of industrial, terrorist, or "terrorist-like," explosions.

TLG and our professional team stand ready to work with clients and their consultants in the most technical approach available toward the design and construction of blast-resistant structures, facilities and systems.