Services: Bridges & Piers

Services: Bridges & Piers

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Removal of the parallel spans and causeways of the Florida Department of Transportation's Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay between Bradenton and St. Petersburg was the largest, most complex bridge demolition contract ever issued by the State. The collisions of oceangoing vessels with the old channel piers prompted construction of a new cable suspension bridge with a much wider channel.

Working as a specialty subcontractor for The Hardaway Company, Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI) designed, prepared and demolished 9,000 tons of steel in 8 deck trusses and 4 approach thru-trusses and towers on either side of one of the most heavily trafficked shipping lanes in the Gulf of Mexico region.

Steel removal was followed by the drilling and flawless fragmentation of 100 pile bents, 48 hammerhead piers, 8 shaft bents and 4 massive channel piers on pace with Hardaway's project program. The concrete were fragmented to a 3 foot elevation, without need for secondary blasting and in full compliance with Department of the Environment and Fish & Wildlife regulations that protect endangered species in the area.

"...Please pass on to all your personnel who worked on this job, both in engineering and operations, our appreciation for a job well done. From the pre-burning procedures through actual detonation, the work was carried out safely and efficiently. Working up to 235’ above the water, and considering the wind speeds and weather conditions that were overcome, CDI’s work deserves a high level of respect..."

Thomas E. Boyle, Project Manager
The Hardaway Company (General Contractor)