Naval Radio Towers

Naval Radio Towers

As early as the 1960’s, Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI) was using precision explosive methods to bring problems associated with the demolition of tall, steel towers, down to controllable levels. The US Navy's plans for replacement of their Atlantic antenna array in Annapolis, Maryland called for the demolition of six (6), 600 foot tall towers, and one (1), 1,200 foot tall guyed tower.

navalradiotower.jpgControlled Demolition Incorporated used bulk explosives to shear sections of supporting legs and anchor plates to permit the staged, controlled felling of the towers without risk to personnel or adjacent transmission operations to remain in use. A non-electric blasting system was used to avoid accidental initiation of electric blasting caps due to induced current generated by the high-powered communication facility operated out of Annapolis by the Navy.

The 250 ton towers were felled safely, well within the fast track schedule required by the Navy, and under strict security constraints imposed in consideration of the critical nature of the Atlantic communications facility.

In 1995, Controlled Demolition Incorporated felled the US Navy's Southern Pacific antenna array at the Chollas Heights Facility near San Diego. The Chollas Heights project was performed under far different circumstances than the Annapolis contract. It was only after a helicopter effort to pick down portions of 1 tower failed that the 3 towers were demolished quickly and safely by Controlled Demolition Incorporated within severe environmental protection constraints and only 5 days preparation. 1 tower was as close as 100 feet to occupied private homes which had been built around the US Navy communications reservation.

"...I personally want to thank you for your involvement in the tower demolition. If anyone ever came 'riding in on a white horse to save the day,' it was CDI. CDI not only provided the expertise to fell the towers by explosives, but also leadership and guidance to TEG [The Environmental Group], Keller/Swinerton & Walberg and the US Navy at a time when community and government pressures were escalating. A potentially volatile political situation was calmly and professionally defused thanks to your involvement. We truly cannot thank you enough..."

Robert J. Hartung, Senior Project Manager
Keller/Swinerton & Walberg
(Consultants to the U.S. Navy)