Ardler Flats

Ardler Flats

After a tragic accident caused by another explosives contractor in Glasgow, Scotland shut down explosives demolition in the UK.  Controlled Demolition Incorporated was called to Dundee by a local Scottish contractor who wanted The Loizeaux's to convince authorities that implosion, carried out by qualified professionals, was still the safest means of demolishing redundant, high-rise public housing facilities in heavily populated areas.

Controlled Demolition Incorporated’s experience and understanding of the natural failure characteristics of reinforced concrete structures permitted a finite analysis of 3, 17-story Ardler Buildings. That analysis resulted in Controlled Demolition Incorporated's design of an implosion program which used less than 30% of the explosives generally used in the United Kingdom by other contractors. Controlled Demolition Incorporated's operations resulted in the complete fragmentation of the structures, without fly of debris outside of the footprint of the structures being demolished...exactly as Controlled Demolition Incorporated had predicted.

On the Ardler Project, Controlled Demolition Incorporated also introduced a tough, yet flexible covering system to the UK Market which Controlled Demolition Incorporated has used with complete success internationally for over 15 years. This system precluded the reoccurrence of problems which plagued the Glasgow blast a year prior.

"…We were completely satisfied with your supervision, implementation and attention to detail related to explosives preparations on the site and your control on the day of the demolition. The experience and competency of your team was fully evident throughout this critical phase of the project…"

Christopher D. Brown, Associate Director
Brian Pyle Associates
(Consultant to the Dundee District Council)