Aladdin Hotel

Aladdin Hotel

On April 27, 1998, Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) and the Loizeaux Family imploded their 9th building at a 6th hotel site in Las Vegas, working as a specialty Implosion design/preparation/performance Subcontractor to LVI Environmental of Nevada, Inc. (LVI), Main Demolition Contractor for ADP Marshall of Rumford, Rhode Island. ADP Marshall is the Construction Manager for the 2,600 room hotel and casino, a 1,000 room joint venture hotel casino with Planet Hollywood and 462,000 sf upscale shopping mall.

The Aladdin Hotel Tower was a Reinforced Concrete Masonry Unit (RCMU) hotel structure. It was somewhat similar in construction to the North Tower of the Hacienda Hotel which CDI imploded with a pyrotechnic show on New Year’s Eve, 1996 for Circus Circus. The Aladdin was totally different in construction from the other five (5) hotels which CDI has felled since our initial implosion of the Dunes North Tower with a pyrotechnic display for Steve Wynn in October of 1993. CDI also performed the implosion of the Dunes South Tower for Mirage, the Landmark Hotel for the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (featured in the film Mars Attacks!), the Sands Hotel for Las Vegas Sands (featured in the July 1997 issue of Harpers Magazine) and two (2) additional structures at the Hacienda Hotel.

RCMU construction is difficult to prepare for implosion in high wind or earthquake zone areas while maintaining structural stability and, thereby, safety of operations for workers on site. As a result, certain preparations could only be completed in the final three (3) hours prior to the implosion.

Just after 7:30 PM, CDI detonated 232.5 lb. of explosives in 863 different locations, in four (4) levels of the 21-level Aladdin Hotel Tower. The initiation and implosion sequence detonated over a 17 second period, with structural motion starting at the southwest corner of the structure, approximately 9.5 seconds into the program, allowing over 50 million lb. of masonry to settle gently to the ground. Vibration readings were well within allowable limits. The debris pile averaged 30 ft. in height, 10 ft. lower than originally projected by CDI.

CDI's DIVELCON Implosion program "tilted" the western end of the structure toward the south, swept through the center section and dragged the east end of the structure to the southwest, away from the Aladdin Performing Arts Theater which is to be refurbished. CDI’s program was designed to mosve as much debris off of the footprint of the east end of the existing structure as possible, to facilitate clearance of that area so ADP Marshall can begin fast-track construction of the new elevator core for Aladdin Gaming, LC’s new tower complex. No airborne debris fell outside of the immediate Aladdin Site. Public rights-of-way were opened shortly after the implosion. There was no property damage resulting from the implosion.

"The debris was better fragmented and lower than I imagined it would be," said Ruben Vasquez, President of LVI.

"The breakage will definitely expedite our debris removal schedule." "If it were possible (for an implosion) to be a 10, this was a 10" said Jim McKennon, President of the Aladdin Hotel. "It fell exactly as it was supposed to."

A segment for Behind Closed Doors, a one hour television magazine hosted by Joan Lunden was taped at the Aladdin site. Stacey and Mark Loizeaux gave Joan a look at the Loizeaux's technical approach to implosion projects.